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What is the philosophy of St. Matthew’s EEC?

  • “Play is the work of young children.” We are a play-based program committed to developmentally appropriate practices.  This means that teachers address skill development through an intentional selection of toys, manipulatives, activities, games, songs, and books.  As students play, they are sharpening their skills of communication, language, coordination, creativity, problem solving, planning, self confidence and socialization.  


How long has St. Matthew’s EEC been open?

  • We opened in 1965.  We are governed by a school board comprised of church members, parents, and staff. 


Is St. Matthew’s approved by the state of Maryland?

  • The EEC is accredited by Maryland State Department of Education.  We are licensed by the Prince George’s Office of Child Care.  Our school also participates in the MD Excels program, which is a quality rating system designed to promote best practices in early childhood education.  


Are your teachers certified by the State of MD?

  • Yes, our teachers are credentialed through MSDE and background checks are conducted annually. The average length of time our teachers have been working here is 7 years.   


Do the students attend any “specials” classes?

  • All of our classes have PE and Music each week.  Our All Day Pre-K and Kindergarten also have Spanish. In addition, our Kindergarten class has Art once a week.  


Does St. Matthew’s provide snacks/meals?

  • Yes, we provide a morning snack for all school students.  If your child stays for a full day of school or childcare, we also provide an afternoon snack.  Parents provide lunch for those students.


Do the children get recess or outdoor time?

  • Yes, each class has a morning recess time on our age appropriate, state approved playground.  Our childcare and all-day students have an afternoon recess time, as well


FAQ's Playschool



How old does my child have to be to start attending St. Matthew’s?  What if they turn two years old after school starts?

  • All playschool students must be two years old by September 1. 

How many students are in each class?

  • Our playschool class sizes are 10 or 12 students, depending on the classroom.

Do the teachers follow a curriculum?

  • Yes, we use Frog Street for Toddlers.  This is the state recommended curriculum for this age.  It is  based on the latest brain research, so it is geared to the needs of the developing two- to three-year-old.  


What type of activities are used in the curriculum?

  • The activities nurture a toddler’s natural curiosity by allowing for exploration through play and teacher-led experiences.  The major curricular focus is on building the social-emotional foundations of learning and developing good habits.  


Do the playschool students have any “specials” classes?

  • Our playschool classes attend music class each week. 


Does my child have to be potty trained to start in the playschool program?

  • No, we will work with your child wherever they are in the potty-training process.

FAQ's Preschool


How old does my child have to be to begin Preschool?  

  • All preschool students must be three years old by September 1. 


How many students are in each class?

  • Our preschool class sizes are 14-16 students.


Do the preschool students receive any “specials” classes?

  • All our preschool classes attend PE and music class each week. 


Do the teachers follow a curriculum?

  • Yes, we use Frog Street Threes Curriculum.  This is the state recommended curriculum for this age.  It provides a nice continuity from Twos to Threes with similar curriculum design but geared for the older child. Students explore academic concepts with hands-on activities and individual instruction.  


What is a typical day for my preschool child?

  • Their day is a combination of play, exploration, hands-on learning, creativity and fun.  They have large group instruction/activities, center-based play, small group instruction/activities, and outdoor recess time. Our small class sizes allow for individual attention and differentiation.  Each child will receive the level of instruction and attention that meets their needs to succeed and build a love of school. 


FAQ's Pre-Kindergarten

How old does my child have to be to begin Pre-K?  

  • All students must be four years old by September 1. 


How many students are in each class?

  • Our Pre-K class sizes are 14-16 students, depending on the classroom.


Do the teachers follow a curriculum?

  • Yes, we use Let’s Begin with the Letter People and DIG. This is a thematically organized curriculum that integrates learning across language and literacy, math, science, and social-emotional development.  DIG is a core Pre-K program that develops the whole child, inspires big learning across all domains, and grows early learners into confident kindergarten-ready students.


Do the Pre-K students have any “specials” classes?

  • All our Pre-K classes attend PE and music class each week. Our All Day Pre-K classes also have Spanish each week.


Will my child nap in a Pre-K class?

  • The students in our morning Pre-K classes that stay for childcare do nap.  After the “school” portion of their day is over, they have lunch and then nap from 12:30-2:30pm.  Our All Day Pre-K classes do not have a nap or rest time.  Those students are active in school from 9am-2:30pm. 

FAQ's Kindergarten

How old does my child have to be to begin Kindergarten?  

  • All kindergarten students must be five years old by September 1. 


How many students are in each class?

  • Our kindergarten class is 14-20 students, with (at least) two teachers in the classroom throughout the school day.


What curriculum is used in Kindergarten?

  • Our curriculum for Language Arts and Social Studies is Reading Wonders.  We use My Math for our Math curriculum.  These systems are a combination of hands-on learning with your traditional teaching strategies to keep the children engaged.  Our programs bridge the gap between preschool and elementary school by maintaining a nurturing atmosphere while developing strong academic skills and habits.  


Do the kindergarten students have any “specials” classes?

  • Yes, each week the students participate in Music, Spanish, PE,  and Art.  


Is technology used in the kindergarten classroom?

  • iPads and chrome books are used to practice skills and support the curriculum.  In addition, the classroom has a smartboard that is used throughout each day.


Does the class take field trips?

  • Yes, our kindergarten class takes field trips.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to apply the skills they are learning outside of the classroom and apply them in new environments.


FAQ's Child Care


What are the hours for the students that are registered for childcare?

  • We are open for childcare 7am-6pm.  These children can arrive and leave the school any time during these hours.


Are there structured activities during the childcare hours?

  • Yes, our childcare program compliments our school program by reinforcing academic skills, behavioral expectations and classroom routines.  Children are given more choices and engage in more self-directed activities.  


Does St. Matthew’s provide any meals?

  • St. Matthew’s provides a morning and afternoon snack.  The parents provide lunch.


Will my child nap if they are at the EEC for childcare?

  • Yes, naptime is 12:30-2:30pm each day.  


Will my child have an outdoor play time during their day?

  • Yes, each class goes outside on our state approved playground in the morning and afternoon.  They may have an additional outside playtime on our blacktop area, as well. 

Child Care
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