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We know it can be daunting with the amount of options that are out there to find ways to continue education at home. Below are a few resources if you're looking for simple, quick ways to support your child's learning. Don't feel obligated to do anything other than read, run and snuggle with your little people! These sources are just here if you need them. 

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Learn at Home

Daily activities for all ages.

Hello, Everybody

Our greeting song in Music Together.

Activities for Home

Ways to reinforce whats being done in the classroom

Early Readers

Tips and tricks for at home 

Early Intervention

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We believe that early intervention allows for the best support and growth of the child! You know your child best, below you will find resources through the county.

Preschool Child Find

Helpful information for screenings and assessments

Project WIN

A Prince George's County resource


Each age group's social, emotional, language, cognitive, and physical goals

Claire Lerner

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